Holographic Waveguides

Holographic Waveguides 规格参数

    • FOV10°×5°

    • Eye-relief1000 mm

    • Eye-box100 mm X 50 mm

    • Decoupling210 mm X120 mm

    • Waveguide Thickness9mm

    • Waveguide Index Of Refraction1.54

    • Reflection Angle55°

Compact yet expansive, space-saving grace, Endless possibilities in a small space

Traditional HUDs tend to have a larger volume, especially AR-HUDs. To achieve a wider FOV, the second-level non-spherical reflective mirror needs to be large, resulting in the overall volume of the HUD typically exceeding 20 liters, making it impossible to fit in the cramped space behind the car dashboard in terms of height and depth. Holographic optical waveguide, however, only requires 3-4 liters because it eliminates the need for complex and precise two-level reflections, reducing the cost as well.1682505243109123.png

Revolutionary and disruptive technology, extraordinary intelligent cabin experience.

Holographic waveguide technology originated in the field of AR glasses and is revolutionary when used in the HUD, especially AR-HUD field. These systems can seamlessly handle complex scenarios, allowing you to easily enjoy an extraordinary and intelligent cabin experience brought by technology.


Incorporating semiconductor technology, adopting new photosensitive materials.

The product uses semiconductor lasers and new photosensitive materials, which results in greater stability and higher adaptability to the environment. Compared to traditional displays, our holographic optical waveguides have a longer lifespan and lower power consumption.


Fully automated exposure technology, higher production efficiency.

Now, Holographic Waveguide technology is finally here. Different from traditional displays, we adopt new waveguide and holographic imaging technologies, as well as fully automated exposure technology to greatly improve production efficiency.